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The conference will take place at the Rotonde, on the campus of the University Claude Bernard Lyon1 (Interactive map),

  • Gallery pictures of the rotonde is available here.
  • How to get there ? 
  • Google earth coordinates: 45° 47' 01.83" N   4° 52' 26.67" E



About ten minutes walk (1) will be necessary to go for lunches (2) at the "Restaurant du personnel" on the UCBL1 campus, lying in front of the tram T1 station "Université Lyon1".

  • Address and pictures of the restaurant Domus
  • Google earth coordinates: 45° 46' 51.44" N   4° 51' 55.80" E

On Saturday, snacks (plateau repas or buffet) will be delivered to the conference site (Rotonde).


GALA DINER (this choice of restaurant must be confirmed)

Caro de Lyon (1 & 2), Friday, October 18th, 2013  7:00 pm (address and map)



Please inform frederic.brunet (at) ens-lyon. fr

(1)  if you need arrangements to get there.

(2)  if special meals for medical, religious, dietetary or any other reasons are required.


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