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Tip: Non Chip & PIN card will NOT work in vending machine (Rhône-express, Bus/Metro/Tramway) and will not be accepted by most retailers.


 How to get there?

Download a short description here

Airport -> Tram Rhonexpress -> Tramway T1 -> Conference

By plane

The Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport is connected to over 120 destinations both directly and through connections to major European hubs, for efficient and very short connecting flights. France’s 3rd largest airport, Lyon-Saint Exupéry posted one of the highest growth rates in France in 2010 (+3.4%) with traffic approaching 8 million passengers, including 62% on international flights. These good results were achieved mainly due to the expansion of low-cost flights, which account for 19% of the platform’s total traffic. Moreover, EasyJet opened 8 new routes in November 2010, thus offering 26 routes through Europe and France.


Once at the airport

A new link for the airport The Rhônexpress tram service operates every day of the year since 2010 and allows the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport to be reached from downtown Lyon (Lyon Part-Dieu), in less than 30 minutes, in complete safety, without having to worry about traffic jams. Taken before or after a flight, Rhônexpress is an up-market service on all fronts: personal welcome and luggage racks on each train and static and dynamic information at the station, onboard trains and at the airport.

Tip: Rather buy tickets on-line with a 10% discount than at the vending-machine.

Tip: since Sept. 2013, Tram T4 runs from the same station, Gare Part-Dieu, than the Rhôneexpress.


By train


Download a short description here

The heart of Lyon is connected to all major French cities by High Speed Train (T.G.V.) or express lines, through the three Perrache, Part Dieu and Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport stations. Duration of TGV trips from Lyon to major french and european cities:

  • Paris-Lyon: 23 return trips per weekday in 1 hour 53 minutes (one-way).
  • Lyon-Marseille: 31 return trips per weekday in 1 hour 40 minutes (one-way).
  • Lyon-Aix en Provence: 1:20
  • Lyon-Avignon: 1:05
  • Lyon-Montpellier: 1:45
  • Lyon-Lille: 2:50
  • Lyon-Geneva: 1:50
  • Lyon-Brussels: 3:30
  • Lyon-Turin: 4 hrs.
  • Lyon-London: 5 hrs.


By road

  • Paris-Lyon: 290 miles (A6)
  • Marseille-Lyon: 196 miles (A7)
  • Geneva –Lyon: 93 miles (A40)
  • Montpellier-Lyon: 189 miles (A7-A9)
  • Lyon is located two hours from the Alpine peaks and less than three hours from the Mediterranean coasts.


Public Transport in Lyon


  • You will be provided with a 3-day pass among other goodies in your conference folder.
  • A single ticket a the vending machine is 1.70 €, 2.00 € in buses.
  • A single ticket allows you a one-way trip for 1 hour long, changes at will (metro, bus, funicular, tramway).
  • RhônExpress and tram T1 or underground (B line) are on the opposite sides of the Railroad Station (see map here)

Transports en Commun Lyonnais (TCL) is France’s 2nd largest public transport network. TCL’s very dense network of metros, trams and buses lets you travel around the Lyon urban community and the region easily and rapidly.

The TCL network is:

  • 4 metro lines
  • 2 cabin transport lines (Vieux Lyon / Basilique de Fourvière)
  • 5 tram system lines
  • more than 120 urban bus lines

Full TCL Lyon-Villeurbanne MAP in pdf format 

Take tramway T1 or T4, direction "IUT Feyssine", get off the tram at station "La Doua, Gaston Berger". The conference will take place at the Rotonde (check previous page "On site at the conference"), just 3' walk away (see the campus interactive map).

Once you'll reach the station, orange-colored signalling will lead you.

NEW: T4 tram stop is a few meters away, on the same tracks of the RhoneExpress.

                 rhoneexpress T4

HIRING a BIKE with a short-term ticket

A nice way to visit Lyon, or make short journeys:

Velo'v allows you to hire a bike 24/7 for a very little fare.  


  • Hiring a bike is free for the first half hour, return your bike and get a new one for another free 30', etc
  • Mornings at the university area have very little free spots to park your hired bike velo'v
  • Make sure you won't hire a flat bike

More than 200 km of cycling pathes in Lyon-Villeurbanne including cycling-only road on the banks of the rivers: map in pdf format with velo'v stations


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